Montréal, Toronto, OTtawa

Hi there, I'm Rachel.

I love taking photos of people in the big and small moments. There is so much beauty in the ordinary - let's capture it together.

I am also a food photographer. I help businesses display products at their best, help non-profits showcase their projects, and have a passion for food-styling and taking snapshots of cooking moments at home.


capturing the everyday with 

Family photos

My goal for family photos is to capture families at their happiest, silliest and craziest best. Whether hanging out at home or strolling around your neighbourhood, I love to take photos that celebrate the everyday.


capturing the first moments with

Baby photos

I've had the honour to work with families as they welcome their baby into their home during those first magical (and hectic!) days. During baby sessions, I come to you and take shots of natural interactions - snuggles, soothing, cuddling - with the newest addition to the family. Posed shots with props are also available.



Food photography

There is nothing as convincing as a delectable image. Whether you are a restaurant, entrepreneur or organisation, professional photos ensure that your clients see your food at its best. After working in the restaurant industry for 8 years and then going on to work in food security, this is absolutely my favourite subject to shoot, my coup de coeur.

Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.
— Marc Riboud